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Nier-Feuerhand Kerosene Storm Lanterns

Made in Germany and patented in 1926 by Bruno Nier & the FEUERHAND lantern factory which is the last remaining producer of original kerosene storm lanterns in the western hemisphere - besides Guillouard at Nantes, France. High quality lantern production of German origin since 1902. Made from first choice 0.3 mm steel sheet and steel wire, exactly stamped, crimped, and overlaped, brilliantly dip-tinned finish for 111 years, precise fit of all parts: The original patented Storm lantern Nr.276 'Baby Special' clear  globe is the classic original model produced until today.  Avoid plagiarism!  Do not buy Chinese 276-fakes! Identify the original Feuerhand: "Feuerhand" tag - Schott-Suprax globe - embossed "Made in W. Germany" !    In 2012 and 2013 the production was reorganized and the product design was altered for economic reasons. Fire dip-tinning was abandoned and other raw materials are used now: Since 2013 a galvanized (zinc coated) lantern Nr. 276 'Baby Special' 'Eternity' is offered. We all hope that the factory and new "Feuerhand" owners can guarantee the well known lantern quality in future.


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                                                                                                                                                                                             FH176Lu -   The legendary Dark Lantern of WWII


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Nier - Feuerhand  -  Maker of the legendary tiny "Atom" Nr.75 (1936 - 1944). All Atom Models Feuerhand Nr.75 :

  120 years Nier Feuerhand lanterns  from Germany   

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In 1877 the silver ware maker Carl Hermann Nier (* March 11th,1854 - + February 17th,1921) began to produce minor’s lamps and household lant v.erns at Beierfeld, Saxonia, East-Germany (16, see  # in References). In 1902 he established the Nier-Feuerhand company at his home town which has produced kerosene lanterns since its foundation (1, 2). His three sons, Bruno, Curt, and Woldemar Nier brought the company up to the largest lantern producer in the 1930ies. The engineer Bruno Nier held many patents. He was the inventor of the hot blast lantern type Nr.201 and developed the small cold blast lantern “Baby” type. The lantern production was interrupted by World War II consequences and ceased at the end of 1944 because of the shortage of materials and the advancing Russian army. After the second World War the company restart the lantern production in 1947 at Luedenscheid and Hohenlockstedt north of Hamburg where the company was re-established in 1950. Figure 1.0 shows a recent view of the village Beierfeld during winter time looking form the eastern hills to the center with the prominent silhouette of the old FEUERHAND-NIRONA factory buildings.